Turatello Trailer

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Turatello: 40 years of experience at your service
For over forty years the Turatello has made of its passions a lifestyle, a mission towards its customers.
Pandering a passion for horses and race-cars began in the seventies, we managed to become the leading artisan company in designing and building horse trucks and trailers for cars and motorbikes. In just a few years, the production volume overcame a thousand pieces per year. A very intense pace, not weakened by those crisis periods that often influence our sector; all of this thanks to the constant confidence of our customers, who see in Turatello’s products an expression of the excellence made in Italy.
Critical to the success was a constant search of excellence, to be found in the peculiarities of our products: cutting edge and appealing design, solid, safe and resistant materials, endless possibilities of personalization. These are possible thanks to a working team made up by real enthusiasts, producers but also end users of their own creations.
Nowadays, thanks to the dynamism that characterises our production, our catalogue is wide and diversified. Thoruhg the years, Turatello’s specialized in realizing cargo trailers, realizing box semi-trailers for licence B-E, trailers for the transport of go-karts and mounting of trailers for shop use, but has also realized costumed trailers, based on suggestions and needs of individual customers.

Link (external): http://www.turatello.com

*Special Service: If wanted, Jochen70 picks your new Trailer up for you from the production facility to bringt it directly to you. Also an enrollment for your new Trailer is offered.